Kingston Peace Council / CND

Greg Muttitt talk 23 February 2012

There will be a talk by Greg Muttitt in the C-SCAIPE room at Kingston University, Penrhyn Road, KT1 2EE, on Iraqi oil on Thursday 23 February 2012 at 6.30pm. Organised by Kingston Peace Council in partnership with Doctor Andy Higginbottom, lecturer in politics and human rights at Kingston University.

In Greg Muttitt's most recent book, Fuel on the Fire: Oil and Politics in Occupied Iraq, (see Kingston Peace News for February for summary) we are taken behind the scenes of the occupation to answer one of the war's most pressing questions: what is happening to Iraq's oil?

Eight years since the bombs began to fall on Baghdad, Greg Muttitt shows how attempts to impose a Western oil agenda have dragged the country ever deeper into violence and continue to shape not just Iraq but the future of energy supplies and Anglo-American military strategy. He describes too the determination of the Iraqis themselves to resist these pressures and keep production in the public sector.

Greg is an excellent speaker and knows his subject very well. Don't miss this chance to hear him and please encourage others to come along too.