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Getting Arrested

[25 May 2019] An account by Harry Davis of when he was arrested protesting at Faslane.

Why we should all care about Guantanamo

[5 March 2014] For those who believe in fairness and justice, peace and normality Guantanamo and its officially sanctioned lawless barbarity is a serious challenge. By Noel Hamel.

100 Day's Starvation, 17 May 2013

[30 May 2013] Noel goes on hunger strike for a day and takes a Guantanamo protest tour round Kingston.

Pupils’ peaceful poems rewarded with a Picasso print

[11 April 2011] St. Mary's C of E Primary School in Chessington has been presented with a framed copy of Picasso's painting 'Child with Dove' for winning a competition that asked children to describe their 'Expressions of Peace'.

Veolia -- Submission to Local Authorities

[10 October 2010] Some of us have been involved in drawing the attention of our local authorities to the activities of Veolia in the Occupied Palestinian West Bank. Those involved feel they have come to a natural climax and ought to allow others to take up the baton. As part of the handover, here is Noel Hamel's latest submission to local authorities. It is available as a web page, or as a Microsoft Word document which is more suitable for printing.

A Just War?

[18 April 2010] An article by Jim McCluskey which looks at the main tenets of Just War Theory as they relate to our wars in the Middle East and then asks if a war can be just that deploys the weapons of our modern arsenals.

Vietnam -- 30 years of US involvement

[10 April 2010] Over the last ten months or so, Harry Davis has been writing a history of the US involvement in Vietnam, which we have published in installments in Kingston Peace News. The entire nine-part series is now available as a single web page, or as a Microsoft Word document which is more suitable for printing.

Trip to Faslane April 2007 -- Photos

[21 February 2010] While tidying up the web site, I came across the page of photos from the Faslane trip in April 2007.

DFID Submission

[23 May 2009] KPC/CND member Jim McCluskey has written an excellent submission to the Department for International Development (DFID) addressing the relationship between poverty and war, covering both the direct effects and the influence of arms manufacture and trade, in response to DFID's public consultation on "Eliminating World Poverty: Assuring our Common Future".

The Palace of Crystal

[25 May 2009] Extracts of Harry Davis's book The Palace of Crystal are now available on this web site.

Aldermaston 2004

Depleted uranium - some views

What I heard about Iraq

Jim Addington, special to us