So They Say!


Officially Acceptable Murder

The National Security Strategy wishes to cause terrorism to be seen ‘in the same light as piracy, slavery or genocide’ – but not in the same light as war.  It accepts and affirms the legitimacy of war. (Wendell Berry, The Futility of War, Resurgence May 2003)


Entrenched view

Gordon Brown’s opinion, recently voiced, that Britain needs a weapon of mass destruction, was evidently not a reactive, off-the-cuff remark but a considered firmly-held belief.  Cardinal O’Brien, Archbishop of Edinburgh and St Andrews, recently questioned Brown concerning Trident, and after a long discussion Brown finally said that ‘We will have to agree to differ’.  Brown as leader must be expected to do his best to obstruct progress towards a nuclear-free world.


Our Independent Deterrent

In any case, the Trident system depends on data from US satellites. (From an editorial in the Observer, 3rd December 06, There is no defence for renewing Trident, stating flatly (what is officially denied)  that the costly British nuclear missile system depends upon US permission to launch.)


Not-So-Common Sense

If we are to manage this interdependent world and avoid nuclear catastrophe then we must seek security through identifying the fears of others and assuaging them, not simply relying on protection through threat of force. (Jack Piachaud, editorial, Medicine Conflict and Survival, July/Sept 2007)