Parliamentary Campaigns - lobby your MP


Please encourage your MP to sign up to the following Early Day Motions. You can contact them by visiting

National Missile Defence EDM (1517) expresses concern at the development of NMD in general as well as European and UK bases for the system. It calls on the Government to withdraw its support and encourage the US to end the programme.

Non-Proliferation Treaty Review EDM (1518) discusses the hypocritical position of the UK at the NPT review conference, claiming to support disarmament whilst re-arming themselves. It applauds the model Nuclear Weapons Convention and calls on the Government to actively engage in this multilateral initiative.

Mordechai Vanunu EDM (1813) condemns the decision to imprison the Israeli nuclear whistle-blower for a new term of six months for speaking to foreign nationals, after his release after 18 years in jail. It calls on the Government to ask the Israeli government to lift all restrictions on Mordechai Vanunu and allow him the freedom to travel.