Faslane 365 Big Blockade 1st October 2007


On 1st October 2007, after a year of nonviolent blockading of the nuclear submarine base at Faslane, 30 miles west of Glasgow, Faslane 365 is celebrating the diversity and impact of this civil resistance against the UK's illegal weapons of mass destruction.

As the Faslane 365 year draws to a close, groups and individuals, who in various ingenious ways have disrupted the nuclear business as usual at Faslane, are coming together for a celebration of creativity and hope, looking forward to renewed resistance and their shared vision of a nuclear free world. The organisers want to invite you to come and celebrate with them.

They will also be hosting a strategy session, on Saturday 29th and the morning of Sunday 30th September in Glasgow. This will be a planning session for continuing the energy of Faslane 365 for resistance to nukes in the UK. On the evening of Saturday 29th they will have a celebration including music, poems and films.

Accommodation and training will be available in Glasgow the evening before. Coaches will be leaving Edinburgh at 4:30am and Glasgow at 5:30am on 1st October.

If you are interested in going to the celebrations, please contact Rosemary (020 8399 2547 / rosemaryadd@aol.com ) as soon as possible we are asked to book early!