A Nuclear Free Middle East!

Iran, Israel, a threat to attack Iran – Iranian nuclear plans.


     David Polden gave a very comprehensive history and explanation of the Israeli nuclear weapons. It seems that there was an ‘allies’ conspiracy’ dating from 1949 to ensure Israel had protection adequate “to ensure Jews were not led as lambs to slaughter,” - a sinister reference to the Holocaust. There was also the cold war dimension which informed the covert action to provide nuclear technology to Israel with some extremely duplicitous deals involving US, UK, France, & Norway. Facts were concealed even from US Presidents, and UK Parliament was lied to. It is believed Israeli nuclear capability may be on a par with France or Britain, including submarine based weapons. Tests were carried out in South Africa before it renounced nuclear weapons. Israel is not party to any nuclear or biological weapons agreements and there is a pretence that its weapons don’t exist. Israel considers them a vital insurance and weapon of last resort – the “Sampson Option” – which could cause the destruction of Israel itself rather than succumb to the power of its more populous neighbours. They could also be used to prevent others (Iran) developing nuclear weapons. The US /Israel relationship is one of master/vassal. For example, the Lebanon attack was pre-planned, with US agreement, to destroy Hezbollah and neutralise Syria without direct US involvement.

     Professor Edelat pointed to the hypocritical contradiction that Israel’s arsenal was not even acknowledged yet Iran’s innocent and thoroughly inspected nuclear power developments were the subject of scandalous international condemnation. The US sold nuclear power technology to the Shah after the 1953 CIA coup. Iran has persisted with it since and was one of the first signatories to the Nuclear-Non-Proliferation Treaty. Iran has been subject to sanctions and economic restrictions since 1979 which have damaged its economy and depleted its oil exploration so that it must import petrol. There is genuine concern that energy will continue to be a problem and some nuclear power seems a sensible precaution. Plans have continuously been frustrated by US interference but nuclear technology deals have been struck with Pakistan. Nuclear refinement is at a very basic stage - much greater refinement would be needed for weapons’ development – which has been specifically outlawed by the Supreme Islamic Leader. UN sanctions against Iran were won by devious US back-door deals. (Curiously the UN was disinterested in Iran’s complaint of Iraq’s chemical weapons’ use against it in the 1980s.) Inspections reveal no hint of weapons’ development yet Iran is demonised and Israel can do no wrong. The US meanwhile has granted itself consent to use nuclear weapons against non-nuclear states! Others felt that attack on Iran may be imminent and Bush refusal to rule out attack is essentially a threat. Anti-Iran rhetoric is moving Iranian public opinion in favour of hard-liners/away from moderates and reformers.

     Ernst Drodker gave an update on Mordecai Vanunu who continues to be vilified and restricted despite having served his time. Sunday Times assistance is declining whilst his legal challenge expenses mount despite Israeli courts showing sympathy for his cause. Visiting has become increasingly fraught as he seeks to gain freedom to leave Israel and the Israeli government is continually thinking up new excuses for restricting him.


Noel Hamel