Almost a Victory


CND Chair Kate Hudson has written a letter of thanks to supporters for their hard work for the No Trident Replacement campaign over the last few months.  Undeterred by the majority vote in the House to upgrade Trident, she notes that the vote was ‘the largest backbench revolt over defence policy since Labour first entered government in 1924’.  (161 MPs voted against the government’s motion calling for a replacement, and 167 voted for an amendment stating that the case for trident replacement had not been proven. ‘Without whipped Conservative support for the Labour government on these votes, the government would have been well defeated on both.’ 

Time is on our side because ‘all the arguments are in our favour and more and more people are realising that.’

Furthermore the prime minister has commented that the vote is not ‘irreversible’.  In view of the growing public opposition to replacing Trident, it is indeed possible that the decision to spend so much taxpayers’ money on upgrading our weapon of mass destruction could be rescinded well before the money can be spent.