The United States is looking for a weapons of mass destruction oligopoly


The following statement was issued by UN:


The UN Secretary-General, Kofi Annan, very much regrets that the Review Conference of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) closed today without substantive agreement, noting that the States parties missed a vital opportunity to strengthen our collective security against the many nuclear threats to which all States and all peoples are vulnerable.


I am forced to believe that this was a foreseeable result, because it is not possible to think about the approval of norms that regulates the international relations, if USA ... taking advantage of its gross power ... tries to use the international institutions to impel their privative interests.


In this concrete case, they had hoped to achieve an agreement from the worldwide organization to condemn Iran ... considered as a NPT Violation ... according to them oriented towards military aims. While simultaneously the USA ignored the other vital aspect of the norm: the obligation of the 5 nuclear powers to reduce and eliminate their arsenals of these arms of massive destruction.


In fact, what they are looking for is the oligopoly of this energy source ... in the same way they are doing to obtain control of fossil fuels with the "war on terrorism." It is a fight among them, since they don't care about the world's goodwill, they are just trying to avoid new competitors in this business.


It is the same commercial strategy applied to conventional drugs and to the capital assets, by means of which, through patents, they have established an oligopoly by means of which the worldwide market is controlled. A fact that goes against the neo-liberal thesis of Free Commerce.


What can be done in this matter?


Firstly what one is not due to do, is to defy this power that controls the international system. It would put you as the 'Forajidos' (bandit) and give them the opportunity for such terror tactics as it is done with in Iraq.


1 believe the advisable thing would be to withdraw from Treaty (as stipulated in its article #10). The positions assumed by some of the members of the Nuclear Club (USA, Russia, France, England and China) have brought about the failure on the disarmament process anticipated in the article #5, jeopardizing the supreme interests of most of the signatory states when the nuclear arms race appears as a threat to humanity as a whole.



Carlos M. Pieth