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Lindis Percy (Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases) has escaped an ASBO (anti-social behaviour order), but was ordered to be tagged and to observe a curfew after being found guilty of 5 offences arising from her protest at the American spy base at Menworh Hill. She is appealing against the tagging order. For more information visit the Indymedia website:



Brighton Police brutally arrest 8 anti-Edo peace campaigners. On 29th May there was a national demo against multinational arms trader Edo Corporation in Brighton as part of the ongoing campaign against them and in defence of the right to protest. Edo has taken out an injunction against protestors but have not got what they wanted. The police acted with brutality against the peace protestors, dragging them out of the protest zone and into the exclusion zone where they were promptiy arrested. it is cAear to those involved that this a purely political move to further repress the protests at the site. Among the eight arrested was an 84 decorated World War 11 veteran. An embargo has been called against Brighton police over their political and brutal behavious. Please ring Insp. Kerry Cox of Sussex Police on 08456 070 999 and ask why eight peace protestors have been arrested for peacefully protesting against EDO. For more information on the campaign visit