Appeal for support with a Link Group – not necessarily onerous, but long lasting


Attentive readers will have seen notes in this Newsletter about Link Groups.  This idea is one that has been cooked up by peace direct and is related to the long standing ties  between many organisations in this country with others in less favoured areas – to their mutual benefit.  Those are mostly trying to help stable situations get better – though in many cases, of course, an originally stable area has become less stable under the stress of climate, business, poverty and violence.


peace direct want to help people start similar linking with groups that are trying to promote peace building in areas of conflict.  This is potentially a way to help groups that very much need support – and there are lots and LOTS of them all over the world, Africa, South America, Middle East, Asia – you can more or less think of a territory and there is a group there that would like to have contact with supportive people elsewhere.  Please understand that this is not another fundraiser or appeal; it is a call to form a long term relationship with people who will show us things we don’t suspect and who we can show a true spirit of mutual support and comfort.  Sounds like wording from the traditional marriage, doesn’t it? and the analogy has been made.  However, it doesn’t have to involve heavy continuing effort; the nature of links is very varied.  If we can set up a group, we have considerable ability to set our own boundaries.  Our linking work might be “just” moral support and listening, or help with publicity and correspondence, maybe occasional hospitality if we have visitors, possibly some equipment such as an old but working video camera – and yes, maybe some money in order to get some face to face contact.  But if we set up a link group, there will be an expectation of continuity.  Oh, and those who have done it say, an expectation of really life enhancing learning and experience with the other side of the link.


 We agreed in our meeting in December that such a group would be in line with our thinking as a group, provided that we can find a group of people who will make a reasonably long term commitment.  So, this is an appeal to all our members to think about this.  If you think you could make a commitment to do - not necessarily very much, but for quite a long time – please get in touch