A Message from Mrs. Jahida Sayyadi, Mother of Bisher al-Rawi
 “My family fled the Saddam regime almost twenty years ago. We sought, in
Britain, peace and justice. My daughter, my eldest son and myself have become British citizens. The only one who has retained his Iraqi nationality is my son, Bisher. Is this a criminal offence for which he deserves detention in one of the darkest places in the world?
I am not urging you to devise special rules to help my son out of his torment. I am not seeking sympathy and soothing words. All what I beseech is that go by your own books and help us implement your rules. Allow him a fair trial. Deal with him in accordance with the rules which you take lots of pride before the whole world on setting out and embracing. Go back to the Geneva Conventions, to human rights declarations, and to hundreds and hundreds of documents that have been signed and endorsed to secure the human dignity and rights to a decent living. Almost not a single day passes without hearing on the news an official condemnation, or criticism, or denunciation of countries and individuals for not abiding by those declarations or conventions.
I have raised my son to respect the rights of others. I tried my utmost best to enable him to understand and respect the law. And I think I have done a good job. I know that some might argue that I am his mother and I am not expected to say otherwise. But there are other witnesses, from
Britain and from outside Britain. They can tell that Bisher has never broken any rule and has only been particularly keen on giving. So do not exempt his from your rules. I seek justice and not forgiveness. My son has does nothing to be forgiven for. A close look at his case, a careful reading of his records, and a conscientious and conscious investigation of the circumstances surrounding his arrest can only tell that my son has been unjustly treated.”