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Aldermaston 2004

There was something very moving about seeing that varied column of peace marchers with banners and placards snaking through the Berkshire countryside on its way to the nuclear weapons base at Aldermaston. We've grown used to marches in London but this was something different. It required a very definite commitment and therefore was a positive way of making a statement for a more peaceful world.
The organisers, in my view, were amazing and in spite of marching with us all day were up early and finished late to ensure that meals in Sikh temples, woodland coffee stops and matching people to their luggage and appropriate floor space in the evening all worked out.
From a personal view though I'd have to say I will never be able to describe myself as a 'Foot Soldier for Peace'. Some rather painful blisters made me a total liability for my fellow marchers and particularly for immensely kind and helpful friends from KPC. Thanks for all the help and encouragement.
Reflections: It was a great experience. It would be good if there was a march every year. I felt we could have thought more about how we put our message across to people along the route. Certainly leaflets to hand out would have been useful. It's hearts and minds that we need to change.

Mary Holmes
April 2004

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