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Photographs from Faslane

We got together before the trip to make tasteful banners
Preparing banners for the Faslane demo

Mary Holmes hard at work.  
Mary practising artistic creation

but others were in action too
The Banner Makers

After the long trip north, here we are outside the base with the KPC banner
KPC group with our usual banner
The display as seen by Faslane workers leaving the north gate

and this is what the passer by would see
The roudnabout outside the north gate at Faslane makes a great banner stand

we particularly liked this banner
We particularly like this one

but we weren't so keen on walking to the north gate.  Miles and miles of horrible razor wire protecting our rights (not)
Faslane's fence- miles of rzor wire for peace and freedom

on the other hand, the fence makes a handy place to hang some uplifting messages
On the second day we had to use the fence

We sat down in the road and the police were on us in moments to tell us we would be arrested if we didn't move at once
Sitting down for Faslane

But they obviously spotted Rosemary's attitude problem because she didn't get any warning - just a quick lift.  Nice young people, though.
Our Chair Rosemary getting a sudden lift

The traditional group photo!
But we thought it was really worth doing