Military Thinking


The row between Russia and the US over the siting of so-called missile defence systems in Europe, with missile-tracking systems in Czechoslovakia and the deployment of missile interceptors in Poland, continues after a meeting between Bush and Putin ended on 6th April with no agreement, despite assurances that safeguards will be put in place to ensure that the system could not be used against Russia.  Missiles will not be put into the silos until Iran has the capability of launching their ICBMs, and the tracking device will be so cemented into place in such a direction that it cannot be used against Russia.  The whole system, which has caused so much international tension, is needed because of the risk that Iran will eventually be able to launch intercontinental ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads against a nation that possesses easily the most powerful nuclear strike force in the world, capable of obliterating Iran and the rest of the world into the bargain, twice over.

This scenario is so very unconvincing that it is an insult to the intelligence. So what is the real agenda?  Have your say.  Answers as briefly as possible to the editor, please.