The Mayor’s ‘At Home’ Reception

KPC was invited to send a representative to this event on 6th March.  The reception is held each year ‘to give the Mayor, Councillors and Senior Officers the opportunity to thank local organisations for all the good work they carry out relentlessly in the Royal Borough’. 

I attended with some trepidation, as I did not know anybody else there.  It was held in the Council Chamber – very impressive, with a great deal of gold decoration on curtains, emblems and insignia.  The Mayor, Councillor Shiraz Mirza, presented the Community Awards during the reception.  There were seven awards given across a variety of types of work, and the recipients included someone who crocheted blankets for the Neo Natal Support Unit of Kingston Hospital; the coordinator of Street Pastors; MIND for acute recreational services at Tolworth Hospital; and others who provided support for the homeless, Blind support and extra professional help from several areas.  A common thread was the adaptation of of personal experience to the work undertaken.  A speech of thanks was given by Dr. Palmer of Kingston College, then the assembly adjourned to the next room to a generous display of finger buffet delights.  I resolved to mingle, and had some worthwhile exchanges.  

On reflection, I thought this was a valuable opportunity to show our confidence in our cause within the local community, and to provide a small toe-hold into further engagement and elaboration.

Kit Harrap