Surround the Base at Aldermaston, Easter Monday, 24 March, 12noon.

Aldermaston Atomic Weapons Establishment is Britain's own nuclear bomb-making factory.  Fifty years ago, thousands of people marched to Aldermaston united in their opposition to Britain's nuclear weapons.  This historic protest was the catalyst that created the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.  Fifty years on, we still live with the threat from nuclear weapons, and that threat is growing.  The British government is pushing ahead with re-arming Trident, its nuclear weapons system.  Despite public opposition, a new laser facility is being built at Aldermaston which, experts believe, will be used to test and develop a new generation of nuclear weapons.

Britain’s continued presence in Iraq – and its collaboration in Bush’s ‘Star Wars’ Missile defence system – is only making the world more dangerous, and putting us all at greater risk.  War and the threat of nuclear weapons will never bring peace and security.  That is why CND believes that now, more than ever, the government must change direction.  We urge you to join thousands of people from around the country to say ‘Disarmament now: the bomb stops here!’

You - and your friends, colleagues and networks – are needed to surround the base and create a colourful, effective, and massive demonstration.  Celebrate five decades of sustained protest:  gates around the base are themed by decade.  London Region will be at the 70s gate.  Dress up, bring pictures of protests, iconic figures, artwork, poetry or music from that decade, and messages to cover the perimeter fence.

If you wish to join the Kingston group, please 'phone Gill on 020 8979 2482.  When we know how many people are going, we can arrange the best means of transport.

For more information:  CND 020 7700 2393  or