Not One More Death, Not One More Dollar


A movement is growing in the US to prevent citizens’ representatives in Congress agreeing to continue funding the war in Iraq.  The Occupation Project aims to obtain commitments from Senators to vote against providing any more money for the Iraq war, with a promise to occupy their offices until a pledge is received (or until they are arrested, whichever is the sooner).

Over 440 arrests have been made so far, as a result of 90 occupations, nearly all of which have ended in arrests.  Only a handful of occupiers have been jailed beyond an initial overnight stay.

The public challenge has proved effective.  Jeff Leys of Voices for Creative Nonviolence  says: ‘Fifteen of the 39 [districts where arrests had occurred] voted against the final Iraq war Supplemental Spending Bill that Congress passed in May’.

Appalled by the acts of the present US administration, it is easy to forget that not all Americans are like George Bush Junior.