Friends of the Earth pulls out of nuclear consultation

On September 7th Friends of the Earth announced that it had withdrawn from the Government's public consultation on nuclear power for a number of reasons. These include:

    * A lack of clear non nuclear options which would have facilitated informed public debate;

    * A failure to provide adequate information about the wider dangers of nuclear power, such as terrorism and proliferation;

    * The `consultation' was being rushed through in five months over the summer period, and the NGO stakeholder group participation process was rushed. The Sustainable Development Commission recommended nine months;

    * The Government appeared to have already made up its mind to push ahead with a new nuclear programme.

The consultation was also boycotted by Greenpeace, WWF-UK, CND and the Green Alliance.

FoE's Director, Tony Juniper, said "This is not a genuine consultation about nuclear power… We are perfectly happy to debate the issue, but we are not prepared to take part in this latest Government farce….. A new programme of nuclear power would only generate around four per cent of the UK's energy consumption. It is expensive and dangerous, and will leave a highly toxic legacy for many generations to come…. The Government should invest in non-nuclear alternatives and make Britain a world leader in developing a safe and sustainable low-carbon economy."