Block the Builders at AWE Aldermaston

Block the Builders returns for a major blockade (non-violent direct action) at the Aldermaston nuclear weapons factory in the early morning on Monday 12th November.

Work on the Orion laser - a key facility for the future of Britain's nuclear weapons - is well underway. The AWE (Atomic Weapons Establishment) is reported to be developing a new nuclear warhead. The device, designated the High Surety Warhead, is understood to be under development in conjunction with the US which wants modernised ‘failsafe’ nuclear firepower for its submarine-launched Trident missiles.

Accomodation and food will be provided as usual on Sunday evening before the blockade, together with an introduction to Block the Builders (for anyone not familar with who they are and what they do), an opportunity to ask questions and plenty of time to make arrangements for the blockade. Please ‘phone or email if you are going to the Sunday accommodation venue and would like food. Transport will be arranged for anyone needing to get from the overnight accommodation to AWE on Monday morning. Any active helpers or witnesses who'd like to go directly to AWE on Monday morning are welcome - the start time is to be confirmed, but it's normally around 7am. Legal support will be available. More details: 07807 522454 or see Block the Builders website