The United Nations International Day of Peace


The 21 September was established as an annual global day of ceasefire and

non-violence in 2001. The organisation Peace One Day, based in London, works to increase awareness of the Peace Day across the world. The idea is to get people everywhere thinking about, and working for, a peaceful world. ‘The vision of this Day extends far beyond the cessation of violent conflict and represents an opportunity for individuals to join in an annual moment of global unity.’


1.0                 Kingston Peace Council/CND and 21 September 2007

 KPC has been offered the chance to use the Bertrand Russell rooms in Pembroke Lodge in Richmond Park on Friday 21 September this year, for an event to mark the International Peace Day. This is a very generous offer. It is the result of an earlier initiative by Rosemary. The rooms which are on the first floor include a lecture hall seating 70 and some additional rooms which could be used for information displays and coffee/refreshments. There is a restaurant downstairs where people can get lunch and the surrounding garden is attractive. Ample free parking available but unfortunately no easily accessible public transport, so we would have to ensure lifts if needed.


2.0                   The aim

We think it’s very important to get young people thinking about peace but any work with schools and colleges needs to be planned well in advance. So the idea is to use the wonderful opportunity this year to plan how we, as Kingston Peace Council and as a community, can encourage local young people in the boroughs of Kingston and Richmond to learn about peace and how we can all contribute to peace building.


We will invite curriculum advisers from the Education Authorities in the two boroughs, some head teachers and citizenship teachers from local schools, school governors and teacher training staff from Kingston University and St Mary’s University College plus a few student teachers.  Of course it is very difficult for teachers to get away on a school day but we hope that perhaps we will get one or two head teachers and staff from the Education Authorities. We will also ask the two Mayors, councillors responsible for education, and the MPs for Kingston, Richmond Park and Twickenham. We will of course invite all KPC members and representatives from local UN Associations, other groups and individuals concerned with peace and education.


Suggestions of people we should invite would be much appreciated specially if you personally know teachers who might be interested. It would be great if we could get teachers from both primary and secondary schools. But also individuals who you think would have a contribution to make.



The event


Morning Coffee followed by talks. Speakers working for organisations like Peace Direct and Neve Shalom have been invited so they can describe their work on peace building. Some of these organisations produce teaching packs and other materials for schools which will be on display. We will also ask people from KPC, Twickenham and Richmond UN Association and other local groups to talk about their organisations, and give information on any resources they could provide e.g. speakers for a school assembly.


Any ideas you have for local, or fairly local, people who have experience of working in conflict situations who might speak, would be very welcome.


Lunch People can go downstairs and get lunch/snacks in the restaurant (or bring their own to eat in the garden). Coffee available upstairs for those who want to look at displays and chat. ?opportunity to watch part of the Peace One Day film.


Afternoon Discussion ideally with a contribution from a teacher looking at

The citizenship curriculum & the opportunities for input on peace/dealing with conflict.

What aspects do teachers introduce at different ages?

What kind of involvement from outside groups works best?

How could KPC and other groups be more teacher-friendly?

Ideas for Peace Day 2008?

Do parents think peace is ‘too political’?


Maybe this needs some specific theme like:

Where do young people get their ideas on peace & war? Could there be more emphasis on peace?


Conclusion Some kind of summing up. Followed by tea available in the restaurant.


All comments very welcome. Give me a ring on 020 8892 3271

Of course all this may absolutely fizzle out and we may end up just having a KPC/CND meeting in Pembroke Lodge but even so that isn’t the end of the world. I think some people would only come and say Hi! and not stay for the rest of the day so really some of those people needn’t be counted in our total of 70 people (which I understand is the maximum Pembroke Lodge would like us to have).

Mary Holmes

July 2007