Trident latest

A broad coalition of individuals and organisations are campaigning to secure a full public and parliamentary debate on the replacement of
Britain's nuclear weapons system. The website contains a statement calling for a full debate which individuals and organisations are encouraged to sign. Join the debate!

CND will organise an emergency lobby of parliament the week the debate/vote is announced. Keep an eye on their website or ring them on 020 7700 2393 to keep up to date.

New CND Lobby Pack Available – Lobby Your MP Before the March Vote!

It appears that the final debate and vote on Trident replacement will be in early March. In the run-up to this date, MPs must feel the maximum pressure from constituents wishing them to oppose Trident replacement – they will certainly feel pressure from party whips trying to force them to vote with the party line.  Whilst many MPs will not oppose Trident replacement, they may wish to raise concerns, perhaps over the timing or the process reached to take such a decision.  You are strongly encouraged to discover and feed back any such views, as this will help CND's campaign in the run-up to the final Commons vote.


CND has just developed a new, updated lobby pack to help guide you through the steps of lobbying your MP.  Go to  to download a free copy of the lobby pack, or contact CND on 020 7700 2393 to have one posted to you.


Urge Your MP to Sign EDM 579

The government has repeatedly promised a full public and parliamentary debate on Trident replacement, but still none has been forthcoming. How can our MPs vote unless they, and the public they represent, are fully aware of the issue and the consequences of each possible decision?

A new Early Day Motion, EDM 579, put forward by Jon Trickett MP calls on the government to “extend the period of consultation to enable all political parties and other organisations with a legitimate interest to undertake full discussion and consultation which will enable them to present their views and make representations to Honourable members before a debate and vote.”

Please contact your MP and encourage her/him to sign this EDM.

Organise Schools for the National Demo and Peace Education

Are you a teacher, governor or school student?

Can you help to mobilise your school for the forthcoming national demonstration against Trident replacement on 24 February?

Can you help get your school more involved in CND’s Peace Education work?

Given the far-reaching consequences for future generations of a decision to replace Trident, CND wants to ensure a strong turn-out for the national demonstration from schools around the country. Could a CND speaker address your school's assembly or Citizenship classes? Could a public meeting on Trident replacement be organised at your school or nearby? If you are a school student, can you set up a Youth CND group in your school?


Longer term, CND is updating and rejuvenating its educational resources for schools, and needs to build up its database of supportive school staff and students who can help promote the pack - so please do get in touch.


CND can give support and help to provide materials, speakers and organise meetings.

If you would like to get involved, please email Anna, the Education Officer, on or phone (01274) 730 908