News in Brief from CND.


1. ‘No Trident Replacement’ Petition on Prime Minister’s Website Now

The Prime Minister’s website now has a petition facility you can sign, as highlighted on the BBC News website. One of the top petitions argues the PM should champion the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and not replace Trident, so let’s keep it at the top of the agenda. Please sign it today and circulate details to everyone you know…

2. Queen’s Speech: No Mention of Trident Replacement

The Queen’s Speech didn’t say anything specific about Trident replacement. However, it did mention the importance of preventing the spread of weapons of mass destruction.

3. Mobilise Now for December Block the Builders

The Atomic Weapons Establishment at Aldermaston is where Britain’s Trident nuclear warheads are assembled. AWE is spending millions of pounds recruiting scientists, building the huge new ORION laser facility – capable of simulating nuclear weapons tests – and many more buildings at enormous public expense. But we are still told the government has not decided on a replacement.

CND is mobilising for the December Block the Builders action, where many demonstrators will prevent building work from taking place at the site. Groups from London, Manchester, Yorkshire, and other parts of the UK will be converging on Aldermaston for this event. For more information visit      ***You do not have to risk arrest to take part in this action. If you do not wish to be arrested you can still support the blockaders from the side of the road.***

The action will take place on the morning of Monday 11 December. Overnight accommodation is available at no cost on the night of Sunday 10 December.