United Nations Association, UK


At our July monthly meeting Kingston Peace Council’s continued associate membership of UNA(UK) came up for discussion, and it was decided not to renew this year, on account of the appointment of Lord Hannay as chair of UNA’s Board of Directors.  An article in New World indicated that the appointment may only be for one year, and it was agreed that we would rejoin next year, provided Lord Hannay was no longer in office. As Jim Mortimer pointed out at the meeting, the Iraq war took place contrary to the UN Charter, and it seems inappropriate that UNA(UK) should choose as chairman someone who supported this illegal war (by condoning and justifying it).

A personal letter sent some months ago by our Treasurer Hilary Evans explains our dilemma :-


Dear Editor,


My increasing optimism for the future of UNA(UK) was severely dented recently when I heard of the appointment of Lord Hannay as chair of the Board of Directors.

This is the man who came to speak to my local UNA branch and attempted an extraordinary justification of the Iraq war and the sidelining of the UN by Britain and the USA.  I find it profoundly shocking that he should now be the figurehead of UNA(UK), especially in view of UNA’s stated aim of being the main authority of the UN in Britain.  I wonder whether members of the selection panel were aware of his views before making their choice.


I support wholeheartedly the ideals of the UN and I support the excellent work being done by Sam Daws but I am having to consider very carefully whether I can continue to be a member of an organisation chaired by someone who can so readily advocate flouting international law and ignoring the will of the UN.


Hilary Evans.