Letter from Rafil Dhafir

(Mary Holmes wrote to  Rafil on learning that he was put in prison (where he still is) for distributing food and medicines in Iraq against the government’s policy.  This is his reply.)

Dear Mary,

Thank you for the card and the kind words you sent me.

I am proud and grateful to you that you are a proof in that now matter how much wickedness flourish, goodness is always there to overcome it.

My favourite joy (and that of my wife’s) is when we put a smile on the face of a hungry child or a needy person.  We were blessed to be able to do that for many years.  We had the means and the time.  All this came to a sudden halt with the evil government’s tyranny, the warmongers and the preachers of hate.

Very often I stopped in London to see friends there on the way to the needy parts of the world to either solicit donations or help distribute food.  It was a good feeling.  I pray that my Maker will enable me to do that again until I die.

Thank you and the brothers and sisters in the Kingston Peace Council for all the good you are doing.

God bless.