Distorted Reporting.

From Roshan Pedder


I watch the havoc and mayhem, death and destruction launched by Israel and I want to cry.  I am consumed with rage - but such an impotent rage.  What can we do?  Write an angry letter to the MP (done), write an angrier letter to the Foreign Secretary (done), send a rude email to the Poodle (done).  Attend a meeting, a demonstration (both coming up next week), but in the meantime scores of innocents lives are being destroyed and maimed, an entire country is being reduced to rubble - yet again - and the poor Palestinians are being deprived of what pathetically little they have been left with, while the people with the power to do something do nothing.

 Hope the attached article* empowers everyone with the necessary facts (although only pertaining to Gaza) when complaining to the media about Israel's outrageously disproportionate actions in Gaza and Lebanon.  This is full of well documented FACTS which they don't tell us (as always, all the manic underlining and highlighting are my own).   Important for all of us to have this information - 'knowledge is power'.



*  Blaming the Victim, David Edwards, Znet, Media Lens, 10/7/06, gives many examples of how the Western media heavily biases reporting of the turmoil in the Middle East.  Google the article.  H D