Grannies for Peace


When they were arrested outside a recruitment centre in Times Square, New York, after insisting on being allowed to enlist in the place of their grandchildren, the 18 ‘Grannies for Peace’ were handcuffed as per regulations, but very gently.  Then they were charged at the police station with ‘disorderly conduct’.  At their trial, they claimed that the war’s dishonourable conduct had provoked them.  This proved to be an adequate defence, for on 27th April the young 45-year-old judge declared them to be not guilty. 

Their trial and their acquittal were extensively covered in the US media.  The grannies proved to be very vocal and quotable.  Outside the recruitment centre they shouted as they banged on the door that had been locked against them, ‘We insist, We enlist!’  On acquittal they told the Court, ‘Listen to your grannie. She knows best.’

Journalists were happy to quote them. ‘Just forget your retirement pursuits,/Get out your marching boots!’   ‘We helped the world to get in the shape it’s in.  We have some responsibility here.’  ‘Love the troops, Hate the war.’  ‘If you’re not hopeful, you’re helpless.’  ‘Grandmas. Let’s unite, while we are still upright.’  Not great poetry, but it strikes a chord.

It’s a safe prediction that we have not heard the last of the Grannies.