Stop Press 24th May


Interceptor missiles for the US 'Son of Star Wars' missile defence system will not be sited in the UK, according to the Scottish Herald newspaper. A Pentagon official cited the strong domestic opposition to the ongoing occupation of Iraq as a primary reason for this decision.

Kate Hudson, Chair of CND, said "This is a strong indication of the growing power of peace campaigning in the UK, especially as it comes together with the news that RAF Fairford is ruled out of a role in any possible attack on Iran for the same reason. This is a victory for peace and democracy. The majority of the British people want no part in these preparations for further militarisation and war."

At the same time she deplored the proposal to site the interceptor missiles in central Europe, whether in Poland, the Czech Republic or elsewhere. "The widely accepted consequence of this missile defence system is that it provokes a new nuclear arms race as nations seek a way to get around it or through it. Any site that plays a part in this missile defence system will make that country a target for any potential enemy. Whilst it is a positive step that interceptors will not come to Britain, both Fylingdales and Menwith Hill are already allocated significant roles in a US missile defence system. This puts the people of Britain on the front line in a future war. The US must end its dangerous and provocative plans for a missile defence system."