Dear [M.P.],

I am writing to ask you to support the Early Day Motion 1088 on ‘Conduct of the government policy in relation to the war against Iraq.  Over 150 M.P.s have now signed up to this.  Such a debate seems the very least that we owe to the Iraqi people after all the unimaginable horrors we have visited on them over the past 15 years.  Not a single Iraqi bomb has fallen on Britain but 700 Cruise missiles went into Iraqi cities at the start of the war.

A report has just come out by Dr Chris Busby showing that the radioactive dust from the depleted uranium used this time in Iraq took just 9 days to drift home to Britain.  It has also been revealed that George Bush tried to cover up the fact that 91% of the US service personnel in the 1991 Gulf War are now on a disability pension after suffering the effects of depleted uranium.  11,000 are dead.  This means that he and Tony Blair were aware of the deadly, indiscriminate effects of DU but sanctioned its use in even larger quantities in the 2003 attack

Ironically, it was the only weapon of mass destruction found in Iraq.

So, our government has been instrumental in poisoning this planet forever.  DU has a half-life of 4.5 billion years.  Studies in the late ’90s showed that Windscale has put plutonium into the teeth[1] of every child in Britain and now those same children will be breathing in the atomised radioactive dust resulting from our crime in Iraq.  Not only have we betrayed every child who is in the world now, but every child who will ever be born.

The £50 million robbery in Kent was not anything like the biggest in British history.  What about the £7 billion squandered on killing and poisoning the people of Iraq, taken without the knowledge or permission of the British public?  No one died in the Kent cash snatch, but children were burned and maimed in their thousands in Iraq.

It seems our world is not in safe hands.

Yours sincerely,

Jane Gilmore.

Sources for figures quoted

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  3. Aldermaston is owned by Haliburton’s.  Dick Cheyney was CEO and this firm has made billions out of each recent war.  They refused to release data to Chris Busby on DU, but were forced to do so under freedom of information act.
  4. WHO suppressed report on the effects of DU.  5/11/2001.  See   Chemically and radiologically DU is a unique hazard.
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[1] A government minister, noting this fact, commented that the plutonium in teeth would do no harm, as the enamel was dead tissue.  This is true enough, but the plutonium in teeth is only an indicator.  If it is in teeth, it will also be in bone, where the health hazard is much greater.  H.D.