Clutter sales 11th March , 10am and 2pm



In March 1985 a KPC jumble sale made 311 - an excellent contribution to funds. I believe that this was the first sale. It gave rise to very many more two a year until March 2005! They became a vital part of the finances of our group. Many items were too good for jumble and so we sold them in nearly new shops and of course in the fairs which we support each year. In some years our total income from these outlets was in excess of 1000. It was however with a certain amount of relief that I heard that we would not be able to use the Quaker Meeting House any longer for jumble sales due to plans for redevelopment. At last my own house free from jumble! (It had been arriving on my doorstep almost every month for many years.)


Imagine my dismay when Rosemary, with her customary enthusiasm, emailed me Meeting House development plans are on hold, we can have another jumble! Dont get me wrong I have enjoyed them very much, have developed skills as a sales person that I did not know I possessed, have nagged, bribed, cajoled, coerced and bullied people into assisting however much they have hated jumbles, but perhaps 41 sales was enough!

I was eventually persuaded to organise another as I realise what an important source of income they are. I did feel, however, that both they and I needed revitalising and that I - and the brave souls who are always there at the end of a long day - could not face a mountain of unsold clothes and bric-a-brac.


The answer is CLUTTER SALES! This inspiration (?) did not come to me until after the last newsletter went to print so they are listed in the diary section as jumble sales - oh dear they are a thing of the past! We do not want jumble this year, but clutter. Hopefully the hall will look inviting and the merchandise very appealing with nothing but good clothes - and most of those hanging on rails; interesting gifts and gadgets and books looking attractive and in good condition. We shall of course be charging more for all these desirable goods for it is not jumble! I have already received some really lovely original watercolours painted by one of our members and Im getting quite excited at the thought of all those other items which are going to be unearthed.

Many thanks to all the team who have made our jumbles such a success.

To all - please help, on the day if you can, but certainly by having a de-clutter. Youll be doing KPC and yourselves a favour. Thanks.


Maggie Rees 8549 0086