People are asking how she found the time to do it but  CND Chair Kate

Hudson has written a 250 page ‘History  of CND', Now More Than Ever.


What's more she has managed to make it very readable and thoroughly

interesting. She has done this by looking at how CND has responded to the

various challenges with which the peace movement has been confronted over

the years. Quite rightly she has included scarcely any references to

internal disputes and personality clashes  although CND has had its fair

share of these.


We've also had major policy differences to contend with at times. I recall some years ago a demonstration in connection with the NATO attack on  Serbia;  pro-Serbia people gathered in one part of Trafalgar Square and pro-Kosovo people in another leaving only limited space for those of us calling for peace! Nonetheless we were there and fortunately CND today is very much more united and far more influential than four or five years ago.


Largely due to Kate Hudson's leadership there is no confusion nowadays about our anti-nuclear, anti-war position. Buy Kate's book and you'll learn a  whole lot more about CND's absorbing history! Available from CND office £10 post free.